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15th Bratislava Symposium on Saccharides

We are thrilled to announce that this year Dextra will take part at the 15th Bratislava Symposium on Saccharides as one of the main sponsors.
It will a great opportunity to share our extensive expertise in carbohydrate chemistry and explore recent advances in chemistry & the synthesis of saccharides.
We are very proud to support events so strategic for the scientific community!

CPhI Worldwide 2021

We will be attending CPhI Worldwide in Milan, Italy on November 9th, 10th and 11th. 

Please arrange to meet with us by contacting us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or alternatively find us at the ICE Group stand 18J20.

Dextra will be available to meet to discuss projects including nucleosides and carbohydrate derivatives for pre-clinical or clincal trials, custom synthesis, blood group antigens, glycoconjugates and glycobiology products.

Royal Society of Chemistry Carbohydrate Award 2021

Congratulations to Dr Gavin Miller as the recipient of the 2021 Royal Society of Chemistry Carbohydrate Award, recognising his research into creating new probes for chemical glycobiology and for the application of non-native carbohydrate structures in medicinal chemistry.

This award was founded in 1970 and is sponsored by Dextra Laboratories.


NZP & Dextra announce merger with ICE Group

Reading, United Kingdom
17 August 2020

New Zealand Pharmaceuticals (NZP) and Dextra Laboratories are proud to announce that as of today, 17th August 2020, they will be joining the ICE Group.

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PEGS Boston

We are pleased to announce that NZP and Dextra Laboratories will attend PEGS Boston, ( at the Seaport World Trade Centre in Boston, MA, U.S. during April 25-29, 2016. Our booth will be operational across April 26-28.

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We are now offering a range of three heparinase enzymes that degrade glycosaminoglycans. All are sourced from native (non-recombinant) strains of Flavobacterium heparinum and are lysases (eliminases), cleaving glycosidic links between amino sugars and uronic acids. A C4-C5 double bond is created in the uronic acid that absorbs at 232 nm and can be used for the detection of products.

ICS 2016

Dextra will be attending ICS 2016, the XXVIII International Carbohydrate Symposium in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA on 17th-21st July, 2016.

Please come and meet us at our stand to discuss supply of blood purification products, carbohydrate derivatives, custom synthesis, glycobiology products and nucleosides.

CPhI Worldwide 2015

We are pleased to announce that NZP and Dextra Laboratories will attend CPhI Worldwide 2015 in Madrid, Spain on October 13th, 14th and 15th.  

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Fluorinated monosaccharides

We are excited to present our new range of fluorinated monosaccharides. BG149The introduction of a fluorine atom into a molecule is known to impart unique properties due to its highly electronegative nature and small size.

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The AFFINDEXTM columns comprise our HAEMODEXTM A and B trisaccharides linked to Sepharose FF (AFF101 and AFF102) or Sepharose 4B (AFF201 and AFF202) for use as affinity matrices in research applications. The oligosaccharides are covalently linked to the polysaccharide gel via a 10-atom spacer to overcome steric hindrance.

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