Dextra offers a wide range of glycans, blood group oligosaccharides and human milk oligosaccharides along with a wide range of specialty compounds.

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BC114 D-α-Heptaacetobromocellobiose

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BC115 D-β-Heptaacetocellobiosyl azide

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BC116 D-β-Octaacetocellobiose

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BC117 2-Nitrophenyl β-D-cellobioside

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BC118 4-Nitrophenyl β-D-cellobioside

From £540.00£1,059.00 exc. VAT

BC121 D-Cellobiose

From £103.00£620.00 exc. VAT

BC122 D-Cellobial

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BC123 D-Cellobial hexaacetate

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BC221 Methyl 6-O-acetyl-3-O-benzyl-2-benzyloxycarbonylamino-2-deoxy-4-O-(methyl 2-O-acetyl-3-O-benzyl-α-L-idopyranosyluronate)-α-D-glucopyranoside

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BC303 Cellotriose

From £141.00 exc. VAT

BC403 Cellotetraose

From £127.00 exc. VAT

BC404 1,4-β-D-Cellopentaose

From £84.00 exc. VAT

C0720 Asialo, agalacto, biantennary (NGA2)

From £391.00 exc. VAT

C0820 Asialo, agalacto, triantennary N-Glycan (NGA3)

From £327.00 exc. VAT

C0860 Asialo, agalacto,biantennary fucosylated (NGA2F)

From £515.00 exc. VAT

C0870 Monogalactosylated asialo, biantennary (G-NGA2)

From £201.00 exc. VAT

C0920 Asialo, galactosylated, biantennary (NA2)

From £260.00 exc. VAT

C0940 Asialo, agalacto, tetraantennary (NGA4)

From £396.00 exc. VAT

C0960 Asialo, agalacto, bisected triantennary (NGA3B)

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C1002 Neocarrabiose-4-O-sulfate sodium salt

From £88.00£150.00 exc. VAT

C1003 Neocarratetraose-41, 43-di-O-sulfate sodium salt

From £35.00£148.00 exc. VAT

C1004 Neocarratetraose-41-O-sulfate sodium salt

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C1006 Neocarrahexaose-24,41,3,5-tetra-O-sulfate sodium salt

From £62.00£741.00 exc. VAT

C1010 Neocarrahexaose-41,3,5-tri-O-sulfate sodium salt

From £62.00£741.00 exc. VAT

C1011 Neocarraoctaose-41,3,5,7-tetra-O-sulfate sodium salt

From £50.00£421.00 exc. VAT