Dextra offer a wide range of oligosaccharides, including oligomannoses, HMO’s, N-glycans, tumour antigens and glycosaminoglycans as part of our catalogue range.

If your application requires a bespoke oligosaccharide, our expert team of PhD qualified chemists can leverage their wealth of specialist knowledge in the synthesis of oligosaccharides to service your requirement.

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L703 Monofucosyl-para-lacto-N-hexaose IV

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L704 Trifucosyllacto-N-neotetraose I

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L735 Monofucosyllacto-N-hexaose I

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L736 Monofucosyllacto-N-hexaose III

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L804 Difucosyl-para-lacto-N-hexaose II

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L807 Difucosyl-para-lacto-N-neohexaose

From £172.00 exc. VAT

L820 Monofucosyl(1-3)-iso-lacto-N-octaose

From £232.00 exc. VAT

L837 Difucosyllacto-N-hexaose (a)

From £130.00£651.00 exc. VAT

L838 Difucosyllacto-N-hexaose (b)

From £130.00 exc. VAT

L839 Difucosyllacto-N-hexaose (c)

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L905 Trifucosyl-para-lacto-N-hexaose

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L940 Trifucosyllacto-N-hexaose

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LN340 P1 Antigen

From £66.00£98.00 exc. VAT

M202 α1-2 Mannobiose

From £120.00£360.00 exc. VAT

M203 α1-3 Mannobiose

From £201.00£595.00 exc. VAT

M204 α1-4 Mannobiose

From £171.00£576.00 exc. VAT

M206 α1-6 Mannobiose

From £172.00£595.00 exc. VAT

M292 β1-2-N-acetylglucosamine-mannose

From £130.00£611.00 exc. VAT

M303 α1-3 α1-3 Mannotriose

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M336 α1-3,α1-6 Mannotriose

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M436 Mannotetraose

From £47.00£183.00 exc. VAT

M536 α1-3,α1-3,α1-6 Mannopentaose

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M592 Bianntennary N-linked core pentasaccharide

From £182.00£3,708.00 exc. VAT

MC0320 Man-1

From £232.00 exc. VAT

MC0410 Man-1-Fuc

From £232.00 exc. VAT

More information

What are Oligosaccharides?

Oligosaccharides are a structurally diverse range of carbohydrates made up of a small number of monosaccharides linked via glycosidic bonds. These molecules are involved in a wide range of natural processes including cell recognition and cell adhesion. These substrates offer a range of pharmaceutical and industrial applications such as vaccines, blood products, probiotics and food additives.