Dextra offer a wide range of oligosaccharides, including oligomannoses, HMO’s, N-glycans, tumour antigens and glycosaminoglycans as part of our catalogue range.

If your application requires a bespoke oligosaccharide, our expert team of PhD qualified chemists can leverage their wealth of specialist knowledge in the synthesis of oligosaccharides to service your requirement.

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C1012 Neocarradecaose-41,3,5,7,9-penta-O-sulfate sodium salt

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C1015 Neocarrahexadecaose-41,3,5,7,9,11,13,15-octa-O-sulfate sodium salt

From £162.00£1,050.00 exc. VAT

C1025 Asialo, galactosylated, fucosylated, biantennary (G1F)

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C1026 Asialo galactosylated, fucosylated, biantennary (NA2F)

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C1124 Asialo, galactosylated, triantennary (NA3)

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C1170 Asialo, galactosylated, fucosylated, bisected, biantennary (NA2FB)

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C1224 Asialo, galactosylated, tetraantennary, N-linked glycan (NA4)

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C214 Chitobiose octaacetate

From £345.00£2,848.00 exc. VAT

C314 Chitotriose undecaacetate

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C3201 Chondroitin disaccharide Δdi-0S

From £321.00£609.00 exc. VAT

C3202 Chondroitin disaccharide Δdi-4S

From £200.00£366.00 exc. VAT

C3203 Chondroitin disaccharide Δdi-6S

From £200.00£761.00 exc. VAT

C3204 Chondroitin disaccharide Δdi-disE

From £180.00£776.00 exc. VAT

C3205 Chondroitin disaccharide Δdi-disB

From £265.00£1,119.00 exc. VAT

C3206 Chondroitin disaccharide Δdi-disD

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C3207 Chondroitin disaccharide Δdi-triS

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C3208 Chondroitin disaccharide Δdi-UA2S

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C3209 Hyaluronic acid disaccharide ΔDiHA

From £152.00£497.00 exc. VAT

C8002 N, N’ Diacetyl chitobiose

From £53.00£101.00 exc. VAT

C8003 N, N’, N” Triacetyl chitotriose

From £70.00£142.00 exc. VAT

C8004 N, N’, N”, N”’ Tetraacetyl chitotetraose

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C8005 N, N’, N”, N”’, N”” Pentaacetyl chitopentaose

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C8006 N, N’, N”, N”’, N””, N””’ Hexaacetyl chitohexaose

From £226.00£565.00 exc. VAT

C8007 N, N’, N”, N”’, N””, N””’, N””” Heptaacetyl chitoheptaose

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C8008 N, N’, N”, N”’, N””, N””’, N”””, N”””’ Octaacetyl chitooctaose

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More information

What are Oligosaccharides?

Oligosaccharides are a structurally diverse range of carbohydrates made up of a small number of monosaccharides linked via glycosidic bonds. These molecules are involved in a wide range of natural processes including cell recognition and cell adhesion. These substrates offer a range of pharmaceutical and industrial applications such as vaccines, blood products, probiotics and food additives.