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Affinity Columns

The AFFINIDEXTM columns comprise our HAEMODEXTM A and B trisaccharides linked to Sepharose FF or Sepharose 4B for use as affinity matrices in research applications. The oligosaccharides are covalently linked to the polysaccharide gel via a 10-atom spacer to overcome steric hindrance. A loading of 0.6 μm is generally found to be sufficient, with little benefit seen from higher loadings.

AFFINIDEXTM columns can be used to:
•  Remove anti-A and anti-B antibodies
•  Study polymorphism
•  Measure ligand density by lectin binding
•  Clean up serum samples
•  Purify antibodies


These gels will bind anti-A and anti-B antibodies (haemagglutinins) from plasma or plasma derived products. The bound antibodies can also be recovered by subsequently washing the gels with a concentrated or low pH buffer (such as 0.1 M glycine-HCl pH 2.2) and fully washed gels can be re-used. We recommend storing the products in a bacteriostatic medium such as phosphate buffered saline containing 0.02% sodium azide.


Pack sizes available 1 mL, 5 mL


If you require a specific Sepharose based matrix or a larger pack size please contact us, as custom columns are available.


Lindberg, L., Theinert, K., Liu, J. and Holgersson, J. (2012), Adsorption of chain type–specific ABO antibodies on Sepharose-linked A and B tetrasaccharides. Transfusion, 52: 2356–2367.

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