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At Dextra, we have proven expertise in the manufacture of a wide variety of blood group products, from the standard blood group oligosaccharides, to those functionalised with a selection of linker arms. To complement our free sugar range we also have the capability to produce these antigens as bioconjugates to a range of solid supports, proteins and lipids.

Our blood group antigen product ranges are ideally suited for use across a range of research applications and we hold many of these items in stock for immediate purchase from our catalogue range. However, we are also able to fulfil custom requirements across all the blood group product ranges.

There are a variety of applications for the use of our range of blood group products, for example the blood group antigens can be used in applications for ABO incompatible transplantation, plasma purification, antibody and recombinant protein purification and quality control products.

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NGP9305 Blood group A-HSA (6 atom spacer)

From £197.00£1,926.00 exc. VAT

NGP9323 Blood group B-HSA (6 atom spacer)

From £257.00£2,505.00 exc. VAT

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The Blood Typing System & Carbohydrates

The discovery of the ABO blood typing system by Karl Landsteiner over 100 years ago and the subsequent elucidation of their carbohydrate structures by Walter Morgan were exceedingly important milestones in the progression of modern medicine.

The ABO is system is the most important of the many blood typing systems and is of the utmost importance in transfusion and transplantation medicine. If patients receive a transfusion of incompatible blood, an acute haemolytic reaction can occur, this can lead to death.

Blood Group Antigens

The blood group antigens are oligosaccharides expressed on the surface of red blood cells and are determined by the terminal saccharides. The biosynthesis is effected via the action of the A or B glycosyltransferase on the H antigen, to form the A or B glycan. The H antigen remains unmodified in individuals lacking either of these glycosyltransferases, resulting in an individual with blood type O. The expression of these antigens is not limited to red blood cells and also occurs on epithelial and other cells.

Blood groups are determined by the ABO gene, which encodes the glycosyltransferase which forms the A, B and H antigens. The alleles for the A and B blood types show co-dominance, whilst the blood group O allele is recessive, giving rise to the familiar four ABO blood types.