Blood Group Products

Dextra have proven expertise in the manufacture of a wide variety of blood group products, from the standard blood group oligosaccharides, to those functionalised with a selection of linker arms.

To complement our free sugar range we also offer these antigens as bioconjugates to a range of solid supports, proteins, biotin and lipids.

Our range of blood group products can be utilised in a variety of applications, for example the blood group antigens can be used in ABO incompatible transplantation, plasma purification, antibody and recombinant protein purification and quality control products.

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  • Blood Group Products

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LN303 Lewisx trisaccharide

From £64.00£843.00 exc. VAT

LN304 Lewisa trisaccharide

From £64.00£853.00 exc. VAT

LN422 Lewisb tetrasaccharide

From £64.00£420.00 exc. VAT

LN423 Lewisy tetrasaccharide

From £64.00£401.00 exc. VAT

LN607 Lewisy hexasaccharide

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