Dextra offer a wide variety of plant, microbial and animal derived acidic and neutral polysaccharides.

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PS101 Sodium alginate

From £25.00£349.00 exc. VAT

PS102 Alginic acid

From £25.00£349.00 exc. VAT

PS103 Propylene Glycol Alginate (PGA)

From £25.00£63.00 exc. VAT

PS104 Bacterial alginate

From £90.00£349.00 exc. VAT

PS105 Gum arabic

From £49.00£123.00 exc. VAT

PS106 λ-Carrageenan

From £36.00£581.00 exc. VAT

PS107 κ-Carrageenan

From £36.00£581.00 exc. VAT

PS108 ι-Carrageenan

From £36.00£581.00 exc. VAT

PS111 Fucoidan

From £36.00£197.00 exc. VAT

PS113 Gellan gum

From £15.00£63.00 exc. VAT

PS114 Ghatti gum

From £41.00 exc. VAT

PS117 Gum karaya

From £27.00£54.00 exc. VAT

PS118 Pectin

From £49.00£158.00 exc. VAT

PS119 Psyllium seed gum

From £61.00£252.00 exc. VAT

PS120 Gum tragacanth

From £49.00£391.00 exc. VAT

PS122 Xanthan gum

From £49.00£465.00 exc. VAT

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What are Polysaccharides?

Polysaccharides are long chain carbohydrate molecules comprising of monosaccharides linked via glycosidic bonds, these chains can be linear or branched. Polysaccharides are high molecular weight molecules, primarily consisting of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen. They are generally solids, often insoluble in water and of a non-crystalline nature.

Polysaccharides perform a variety of functions in nature including energy storage molecules such as starch and glycogen whilst others are structural molecules such as chitin found in some exoskeletons and cellulose often a component of plant cell walls, other still are found the secretions from microbial organisms.

Humans exploit natural polysaccharides and their derivatives in a wide range of applications. Medical applications such as heparin as an anticoagulant, use in cosmetic products such as hyaluronic acid in skin creams, other polysaccharides are utilised in the food industry including pectin, carrageenan and curdlan.