Dextra offers a wide range of glycans, blood group oligosaccharides and human milk oligosaccharides along with a wide range of specialty compounds.

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G204 4-β-Galactobiose

From £41.00£740.00 exc. VAT

G207 Galactopyranosyl-β1,3-galactopyranose-α-methylglycoside

From £75.00£337.00 exc. VAT

GN104 GlcNAcα1-4Gal

From £270.00£1,121.00 exc. VAT

GN203 Lacto-N-biose

From £36.00£380.00 exc. VAT

GN204 N-Acetyl-D-lactosamine

From £36.00£104.00 exc. VAT

GN206 β1-6 Galactosyl-N-acetyl glucosamine

From £213.00£5,299.00 exc. VAT

GN213 β1-3 Galactosyl-N-acetyl galactosamine

From £382.00£1,545.00 exc. VAT

GN214 β-Galactosyl 1-3 N-acetyl galactosamine methyl glycoside

From £309.00£1,575.00 exc. VAT

GN413 β1-3 Gal-N-acetyl galactosaminyl-β1-4 Gal-β1-4-Glc

From £43.00£247.00 exc. VAT