Dextra offers a wide range of glycans, blood group oligosaccharides and human milk oligosaccharides along with a wide range of specialty compounds.

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G303 3′-Galactosyllactose

From £180.00 exc. VAT

G304 4′-Galactosyllactose

From £181.00 exc. VAT

G306 6′-Galactosyllactose

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L1001 Trifucosyl(1-2,1-2,1-3)-iso-lacto-N-octaose

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L302 2′ Fucosyllactose

From £37.00£117.00 exc. VAT

L303 3-Fucosyllactose

From £37.00£117.00 exc. VAT

L403 Lacto-N-tetraose

From £81.00£120.00 exc. VAT

L404 Lacto-N-neotetraose

From £83.00 exc. VAT

L502 Lacto-N-fucopentaose I

From £34.00£174.00 exc. VAT

L503 Lacto-N-fucopentaose II

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L504 Lacto-N-fucopentaose III

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L514 Lacto-N-fucopentaose VI

From £106.00 exc. VAT

L602 Lacto-N-difucohexaose I

From £74.00£365.00 exc. VAT

L603 Lacto-N-difucohexaose II

From £217.00 exc. VAT

L604 Lacto-N-hexaose

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L605 Lacto-N-neohexaose

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L606 para-Lacto-N-hexaose

From £118.00 exc. VAT

L703 Monofucosyl-para-lacto-N-hexaose IV

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L704 Trifucosyllacto-N-neotetraose I

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L735 Monofucosyllacto-N-hexaose I

From £311.00

L736 Monofucosyllacto-N-hexaose III

From £124.00

L804 Difucosyl-para-lacto-N-hexaose II

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L807 Difucosyl-para-lacto-N-neohexaose

From £154.00 exc. VAT

L820 Monofucosyl(1-3)-iso-lacto-N-octaose

From £209.00 exc. VAT

L837 Difucosyllacto-N-hexaose (a)

From £117.00£585.00 exc. VAT