Dextra have a comprehensive knowledge of carbohydrates and their glycoconjugates, with over 25 years of experience in the provision of these products.

We have developed exquisite technology for the functionalization of oligosaccharides to create powerful tools for use across a wide range of applications.

We supply an extensive and ever expanding range of glycoconjugates including neoglycoproteins, neoglycolipids, biotinylated sugars, glycosylated amino acids and carbohydrate affinity gels. Many are widely used by researchers in bioassays and some are included in patent applications.

As our range of products is being continuously extended and we offer a custom service for specialist applications, we are able to provide help and guidance on new potential uses. Additionally, we have analytical methodology to support the manufacture and assure the quality of these products.

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UM030 4-Methylumbelliferyl α-L-idopyranosiduronic acid sodium salt

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Natural & Synthetic Glycoconjugates

Naturally occurring glycoconjugates are known to be ubiquitous in nature and are vitally important in many biological processes. These substrates can be of very complex structure and the sugar moieties are known to be especially important in cell-cell recognition and biological messaging.

Carbohydrates are used more infrequently in biological assays than say proteins or peptides, but they have enormous potential given their stereochemistry and range of structural variation and specificity to enable precise biological identification and measurement of binding affinity.

Synthetic glycoconjugates are proving to be invaluable as tools for probing these processes, for use in diagnostics, as vaccines, adjuvants and many other applications besides.