April 5, 2023

Royal Society of Chemistry Spring Meeting 2023

On April 3rd and 4th, it was held in Burlington House (London), the 2023 edition of the Royal Society of Chemistry spring meeting.

Dextra was one the official sponsors of the conference that contributed to fund the ECR bursaries to enable more young researchers to attend the event.

The event featured an exciting selection of speakers from across the fields of carbohydrate chemistry, carbohydrate biochemistry and glycobiology, along with ample networking opportunities, as well as dedicated ECR talks and poster sessions.

it’s been a pleasure for us to attend the meeting and share our expertise and services in the synthesis, analysis and manufacture of carbohydrates, as well as our comprenhensive range of carbohydrate products.

We would like to thank our team that attended the event and represented Dextra Laboratories.