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We have developed exquisite technology for coupling oligosaccharides to lipids and proteins with the aim of creating powerful tools for use in a range of applications. These include:

Production of Monoclonal Antibodies Using as little as 0.1mg of neoglycoprotein per animal is sufficient for the generation of antibodies to the required antigen. For this application, the short spacer arm version has been recommended by some of our customers.

While we offer both Bovine Serum Albumin and Human Serum Albumin conjugates as standard catalogue items, a relatively inexpensive custom service is available for conjugate preparation to others such as Tetanus Toxoid or Keyhole Limpet Haemocyanin (KLH). Special prices are available for bulk amounts or pyrogen free material, and you are invited to contact us to discuss your requirements.

Enzyme Acceptors Experience has shown that the use of our unique 14-atom spacer arm when using neoglycoproteins as glycosyl transferase acceptors has proved to be advantageous. For example, the ability of 14 atom spaced 3’SLN-BSA to act as an acceptor for a fucosyl transferase was comparable to the Bovine Fetuin control. Using the shorter spaced version, was essentially ineffective. We would therefore suggest that customers consider the steric influence of the protein prior to product selection.

ELISA Our neoglycoproteins are frequently used as the solid phase in ELISA assays. Please contact us for advice, or copies of technical bulletins when ordering.

Quality Assurance All of our neoglycoproteins are analysed by matrix assisted laser desorption time of flight mass spectrometry (MALDI-TOF). This permits the determination of the number of covalently added molecules of antigen per molecule of carrier protein, together with the molecular weight distribution (maximum and minimum numbers of residues per molecule). Generally, neoglycoproteins have an average of 10 to 12 carbohydrates per molecule of protein, with a range of between 8 to 20. (The saturation point is 8-10 carbohydrates per molecule of protein, above this the feedback obtained is no greater.)

Custom Neoglycoprotein Service We are able to link a wide range of carbohydrates to proteins and offer a custom service that can be tailored to meet clients’ specific requirements. We have made a diverse range of neoglycoproteins from simple monosaccharides to complex plant derived oligosaccharides and carbohydrate tumour antigens. Please click here for further information.