• Professor Bruno Linclau

    Professor Bruno Linclau (Lic(Chem) PhD) graduated from Ghent University, Belgium in 1992, where he also completed his PhD, in 1996, working on the total synthesis of Vitamin D analogues.

  • Professor Kim Watson

    Kim Watson is Professor in Structural Biochemistry at the School of Biological Sciences, University of Reading, UK. Kim completed her BSc (Hons) degree in Canada at Queen’s University, Department of Chemistry, where she specialised in analytical chemistry.

  • Professor Helen Osborn

    Professor Helen Osborn (FRSC, SRPharmS, SFHEA) is Professor of Biomedicinal Chemistry at the School of Pharmacy, University of Reading. She obtained her undergraduate degree in Chemistry from the University of Oxford and her PhD in Organic Chemistry at the University of Bristol.